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The Startup State Initiative highlights what already exists in Utah and elevates it to new heights. It isn’t just about Utah; it’s about setting a new global standard for innovation and entrepreneurship.
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Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Follow along with our Utah startup journey to identify gaps and find resources to help your small business.


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Find your big idea icon
Step 1
Find your big idea
How do you want to change the world?
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Important business skills icon
Step 2
Important Business Skills

Explore critical skills to help you start or manage your small business.

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Start my business

Customer validation icon
Step 3
Customer validation
Make sure there’s a market for your business by conducting market research and testing your idea with customers.
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Build your product or service icon
Step 4
Build your product or service
Develop your product or service with the help of provided resources and contacts.
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Develop your brand and marketing strategy icon
Step 5
Develop your brand and marketing strategy
Define your brand and create a marketing plan to attract and engage your target audience.
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Write your business plan icon
Step 6
Write your business plan
Create a clear plan outlining your business goals, target market, and how you'll achieve success.
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Registration and licensure icon
Step 7
Registration and licensure
Ensure your business is registered and has the correct legal licenses.
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Establish business plan icon
Step 8
Establish business operations
Set up essential operational elements such as human resources, payroll, insurance, and more to ensure your business runs smoothly and complies with regulations.
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Funding icon
Step 9
Obtain funding
Secure the money you need to start or grow your business through loans, grants, investors, savings, or any combination of funding sources.
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Step 10
Find Office Space
Connect with other entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and professional associations for support, advice, and potential partnerships.
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Step 11
Pay your taxes
Understand your tax responsibilities to keep your business finances in order and avoid legal challenges.
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Grow my business

Join a community icon
Step 12
Join a Community
Connect with other entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and professional associations for support, advice, and potential partnerships.
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Growth stage funding icon
Step 13
Growth Stage Funding
Secure the necessary financial resources to scale your business by attracting investors or exploring funding options suited for your growth stage.
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Step 14
Strategic Planning for Growth
Learn more about how your business can plan for growth.
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Step 15
Workforce and Talent Aquisition
Learn more about how your business can find the top talent in Utah.
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Obtain government contracts icon
Step 16
Obtain Government Contracts
Learn more about how your business can score big by using government contracts as a source of revenue.
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International trade icon
Step 17
International Trade
Expand your business by looking overseas for valuable revenue streams and important business relationships.
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Relocate your business to Utah icon
Step 18
Relocate Your Business to Utah
Utah offers competitive tax incentives and other benefits to businesses interested in relocating to Utah.
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Sell or Exit My Business

Close your business icon
Step 19
Close Your Business
You’ve built a business from the ground up. Perhaps now’s the time to move on to your next idea. Learn more about the process of closing your business.
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The Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity Startup State Initiative opens in a new tab celebrates, inspires, and empowers Utah entrepreneurs and those who support them. It consists of a statewide entrepreneurship brand and business resource portal being developed on this site. This collaborative initiative supports entrepreneurs throughout the lifecycle of their business and encourages them to start in Utah.
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Utah’s Startup Community

Utah provides fertile soil for modern innovators and entrepreneurs. As the country’s fastest-growing state, with a well-educated workforce and thriving economy, Utah’s mountains, valleys, deserts, and plateaus provide the perfect environment to nourish and champion the startup and entrepreneurial spirit.

The state’s growth, unparalleled quality of life, government support for small businesses, and access to startup networks and capital attract doers and innovative thinkers to Utah’s communities.

In January 2023, WalletHub named Utah the No. 1 best state to start a business. Utah is the startup state.


Utah’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence

In January 2023, Gov. Spencer Cox named Brad Bonham as the state’s first entrepreneur-in-residence to advise him and his administration on entrepreneurship education, culture, and resources. Bonham and the GOEO team work to enhance the state’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

This website and its resources are part of the team’s efforts to promote and amplify an already strong entrepreneurship community and elevate statewide conversations, introductions, and resources.